About our Puppy Pamper

Do you have a new addition to your home?

Our puppy pamper package is a fun way to introduce grooming to your puppy. The idea is to start this process as young as possible so we can start working with your puppy to get them used to the sound of the clippers and for them to learn that brushing/combing and scissoring is a nice and relaxing thing that they will enjoy. It is also a big step for them if it is the first time they have been left without their mum and dad, that is why we offer treats, toys and cuddles as often as they like so they always know that grooming is a positive activity.

Having your puppy coming to us on a regular basis helps our groomer and your baby get to know each other and to form a bond that makes the groom even better as each party knows how the other one works.

When their adult coat comes though which is around 5 months they will be ready for their full body groom. Their puppy coat doesn’t matt so I recommend that you leave that coat and practise your brushing/combing as there won’t be any pulling and this is another way to reinforce that it is a good thing to be brushed/combed and that it doesn’t hurt.

When your puppy comes to me we dry by hand as we don’t use cages and we work one on one so my full attention is on your pooch their whole visit. I always go at their pace which means we have breaks and games to make the groom fun and rewarding.

This package offers bath, blow dry, brush/comb, scissoring around feet, face and tail, clipping on the sanitary parts, nails clipped and ears cleaned.

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  • Suitable from 8 weeks to 5 months old
  • Breeds Suitable for all breeds
  • Pricing from $35