About our Delightful De-Sheds

Delightful Deshed for your long/double coated dog.

Do you have a longhaired/double coated dog that looses their coat in big clumps every time the season changes or they just loose a large amount of fur all the time?

Paw by Paw can solve your problem with our Delightful Deshed package. Your dog will be lucky enough to have a warm bubble bath, a massaging blow dry to help that stubborn old coat start moving, a brush/comb to remove the rest of the hair, nails clipped and ears cleaned (plucked if requested).

To help your dog regulate their body temperature they should be groomed on a regular occurrence or brushed at home 2-3 times a week to keep removing the unwanted undercoat.

If your dogs coat hasn’t been brushed and the old coat has tangled into the new coat I may need to work on your dog for a longer period of time. In this instance, I do charge per hour. I will discuss this with you when you drop off your dog or I may need to give you a call whilst your dog in my care to let you know what is needing to be done to make your dog more comfortable.

I like to make sure that your dog gets a chance to have breaks throughout their groom to have a drink or just to relax as I want them to enjoy their time with me.

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  • Suitable for Aust Shepherd, Aust Cattle Dog, German Shepherd, Border Collie, Pomeranian
  • Groom Every 6-8 Weeks