Paw by Paw Playhouse was launched in November 2018, after Beth and Gabby had been grooming dogs for several years and realizing that they could offer so much more with their experience, passion and love for dogs.

We are able to offer dogs a grooming experience that will teach them that having a groom is nothing to be frightened of and meeting new people is exciting and rewarding. Our salons are designed so your dogs can freely walk around and can take as many breaks as they require during their groom, and only book one on one appointments.

We will always treat your dog as our own, after all our passion is dogs of all breeds and personalities and we only use positive reinforcement for everyone.

We take pride in our work and want all our furry clients to be able to enjoy their groom and time with us.  We give lots of cuddles throughout their experience and the occasional treat if they are allowed, and our grooming process is completely force free at all times.

We are trained to groom any type of dog including specific breed cuts for example. Bichon Frise, Schnauzers, Poodles, Wire Haired Fox Terriers, Lakeland Terriers, Airdales, Kerry Blue Terriers, West Highland Terriers, Lagotto Romagnolo.

Please understand that we love and respect all dogs and will not put them through any pain to remove their coat.  If you dog comes in a matted state we may need to remove their coat and start again or clip shorter than you have requested as this is what is best for your furry lil friend.

If you are looking for a groomer that can give your dog the understanding that they need then please contact me so we can discuss your best friends needs.




I am different than your average groomer as I have worked with animals for over 16 years in animal shelters, kennels and daycare, and my training and experience in reading dog body language helps me understand how your dog is feeling at all times.

I have worked at both the RSPCA and Animal Welfare League and our own dogs were either rescued or adopted from shelters, so I understand that some dogs may have had a bad start in life or just find it hard to deal with new people or experiences.

Photos coming soon

New Staff

Renae and Chantelle are our two new groomers who have been trained on the job by ourselves to make sure the highest care is used with all of our fur clients.

Natasha, Simone and Chloe are our play area staff who get to spend the days with your dogs playing, cuddling and hanging out.

Ella and Kasidee are our juniors who help all over the facility. Both these girls are still in school so you will see them around on Weekends and school holidays.




Gabrielle has recently joined the pawbypaw family, after recently moving to Australia from the UK where she had her own dog grooming business.

Gabby is a great addition to the team and brings years of experience grooming a variety of breeds.


Quality Assurance Team

Meet Beth’s furbabies Tahlee, Ringo & Marvin

Tahlee is the big sister of the family and keeps a close eye on her two brothers, she was from the Animal Welfare League and has been a part of our family for over 10 years.

Ringo is a rescue from the RSPCA and was with us for a few weeks before we adopted him 7.5 years ago.

Marvin is our latest addition to our family and just adores his big sister and brother and loves to play with them all day long. He also loves his cuddles and knows how to get the cuddles.