Dog daycare is just like child care but better, because it is all for dogs! 

We have outlined the benefits so you can know if it’s right for you and your fur baby. 

Daycare for dogs is a place where you can drop your dog off if you are busy with work, studies, an appointment or perhaps your dog has recently had surgery and needs a close eye on them and our experienced staff will supervise their play time until pick up. Our new facility has windows throughout so that we are transparent at all times, we also have a waiting room where owners can watch their dog while they are being groomed or playing with friends.

This is a safe & fun environment for your dog to play lead free with friends, have lots of cuddles and just wear themselves out. It can help with dog to dog socialization & play, help your dog to remain calm in a variety of situations and also learning to trust people without Mum and Dad around which is great to start from a young age. It teaches your fur friend valuable skills that they will be able to use for the rest of their lives. We place our dogs into groups that compliment their personalities and energy levels while our trained staff monitor and encourage to ensure they have a rewarding and fun day. 

One of the best benefits of daycare is the high level of exercise that your dog receives throughout the day. Just like people dogs need a lot of exercise to stay healthy and we can offer this to them in our large air conditioned areas. That means your fur baby will be very tired when he or she gets home, while you care about the practical benefits of dog day care you also want them to have a great time so you don’t have to feel guilty for leaving them at home feeling lonely or bored for long periods of time, you can bring them to us and we will take care of them providing them with an experience that lasts a life time. 

A full day of daycare consists of up to 11 hours of playtime. On a casual basis this is $45 a day. Discount day packs are available – please see price list or contact us for more info

A  Half day of day care consists of up to 5 hours of playtime. On a casual basis this is $30 per dog per day – Discount packs are available, please see the price list or contact staff for more info.

Casual hourly rates are available from $10 per hour.